Chinese Erhu

Being a versatile instrument, the Erhu is very popular in China and widely used in both traditional and contemporary pieces. Our Erhu series include those by the top makers in Suzhou and Shanghai.

Guqin Zither

The Guqin was traditionally favoured by scholars and literati as an instrument of subtlety and refinement. Most of our Guqin products are made by master craftsman in Yangzhou and Beijing.

Chinese Pipa

The Pipa is rich in expression and offers a diverse range of performing techniques. Our Pipa instruments, made by traditional craftsman in Beijing and Suzhou, are perfect for professional playing.

Erhu by Master Lu Linsheng

Lu Linsheng Erhu

The Erhu series by Master Lu Linsheng is now on sale, type in the coupon code (the code is cnshope) and save 5%.

Being included in the shipment package is a certificate that certifying the certificate code number complies with that on the Erhu soundbox and cerfities that the instrument is from Lu Linsheng Musical Instruments Workshop.

The deliver to USA, CANADA and most western European countries can be expected within roughly 6 working days after the payment.

About Us

Based in China, we pride ourselves as a professional supplier of traditional Chinese musical instruments. Our beautiful range includes instruments such as the Erhu, Pipa, Guqin, Guzheng, Hulusi, Yangqin, Liuqin, Dizi and Xiao Bamboo Flute. Through our online platform, we aim to make shopping for fine traditional Chinese musical instruments as easy as possible, and offer professional and friendly service.

Featured Products


We start the spring sales with the following bonus, if you order (including the shipment cost) is:

1) Any order over USD200, you get a professional Chinese Dizi flute;

2) Any order over USD400, you get a better Chinese Dizi flute;

3) Any order over USD600, you get a maestro Dizi flute;

4) For Guqin order over USD400, you can choose to have a Chinese Xiao flute;

5) For Guqin order over USD700, you can chosoe to have a maestro Xiao flute;

And just specify us the key you prefer and we will ship the flute with the instrument freely.

Professional Aged Redwood Erhu

chinese erhu Made of aged redwood and equipped with premium python-skin, and with its superb craftsmanship and excellent quality sound, we believe this to be the perfect choice for professional Erhu players, more details..

Master Made Ebony Chinese Erhu

chinese erhu Hand-crafted by one of China’s Erhu-making masters, this instrument is made of Ebony wood and equipped with premium snakeskin.

With its superb craftsmanship and excellent quality sound, we believe this to be the perfect choice for professional Erhu players, more details..

Professional Chinese Pipa

professional Chinese Pipa As shown in the picture, this pipa is made of select redwood (back board) and paulownia wood (top board) with an exquisitely dragon (or penoy flower) carved on the head.

Hand-crafted by the top Pipa-making master in China, this item has a resonant, crisp, clear and enchanting timbre and we think it a perfect choice for the professional Pipa players, more details...

Professional Suzhou Erhu

Professional Chinese ErhuCurrently on sale, this professional Chinese Erhu made of select Rosewood and equipped with premium snakeskin, is one of the most popular Erhu models ever presented by the famous Suzhou no.1 Traditional Music Factory. We think it the perfect choice for both professional and aspiring Erhu players, with a beautifully mellow and smooth sound, more details..

Guqin - Aged China Fir Wood Guqin

Guqin - Aged China Fir Wood Guqin Exquisitely made by the top Guqin craftsman in Beijing and strictly supervised by our in-house artists, this instrument is treated with a traditional Chinese lacquering technique, which sets it apart from those commonly seen on the market; usually treated with a modern and less resilient chemical painting. We think it indispensable for those Guqin enthusiasts who already command a good level of playing, more details...

Aged Redwood Maestro Pipa

professional Chinese Pipa As shown in the picture, this Pipa is made of aged Redwood (backboard) and Paulownia wood (top board) with an exquisite dragon carved on the head.

A masterpiece by one of China’s leading Pipa craftsman, this item is the perfect choice for the solo Pipa artist, more details...

Guzheng - Rosewood Dunhuang Guzheng

Rosewood Dunhuang Guzheng As a first-class Guzheng manufacturer in China, Shanghai No.1 Musical Instrument Factory exquisitely made this Guzheng and names it "Night Rain Falling on the Plantain Tree outside the Window", which is originally a folk song popular in South China's Guangdong province. What the instrument hopes to convey is the comprehension of the beautiful scene with night rain, plantain tree and the aspiration for better life, more details...