Purple Bamboo Hu-Lu-Si
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Purple Bamboo Hu-Lu-Si

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This is one key bB professional Chinese Hulusi exquisitely crafted by one of China's best Hulusi-making factories in Yunnan province, where the instrument was originally developed and played by the local Dai ethnic minority group. As shown in the pictures, the wind-chest of the instrument is made of gourd, while the flute pipes are made of purple bamboo, with its perfect sound accuracy, this instrument is suitable for the experienced players;

This instrument is tunable and the pipes can be removed for maintenance and cleaning; The reason why it is configured to tunable is due to the fact that the instrument need to be adjusted when played with other instruments, but for the solo player, we just don't recommend such tunable type;

The Hulusi can be configured to key C, bB, G and F, and we recommend key C for the children as the holes' distance is relatively small, bB for the beginner and key G and F for the experienced players and professional.

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Customer Reviews:

jedwardes  (Wednesday, 19 September 2012)
Rating: 5
I love the sound and the instrument is beautifully crafted. Shipment was prompt I highly recommend doing business with this company. I bought an F tuning and love the depth and richness of the timbre.
FreudianLemur  (Tuesday, 11 September 2012)
Rating: 5
Beautiful instrument! Lovely smooth sound, fully adjustable, and I like the method for turning the drones on/off. Wonderful quality, I think I'll have to return again to try a Dizi!
jm404  (Sunday, 16 October 2011)
Rating: 5
Very fast shipping!!rnI was more interested by the sound of the hulusi than his look but it's a superb instrument with a beautiful case. The sound is great, very deep. rnrnI choose a Bb, which is I think a good choice to start.rnYou have an octave and a half from D to G. You can choose to activate or not the lateral pipes (in D & G).rnrnCompared to other wind intruments I have, it's great quality and very nice to play. Playing other wind instruments help a lot to have a good sound (attack, stop, airflow...).rnrnThanks!
pizux  (Thursday, 05 November 2009)
Rating: 4
this hulusi sound wonderfull( i bought a G key one )and is very nice, shipping to france very fast , avoid to detach the lateral bambou tubes because it's fragil enough ,i broke it duirng cleaning , so be carefull !
erictjie  (Thursday, 19 June 2008)
Rating: 5
very light and beautifully craft and the hulusi sounds beautiful and very easy to blow. i think it is very easy to play and much much easier than other wind instrument i have ever played.i recommend you buy this hulusi bB key. great sound and great price.rnrneric-australia

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