Our business for traditional Chinese musical instruments dates back to nearly 100 hundred years ago when my grandfather started the sales of Erhu, Pipa and Xiao bamboo flutes through his small outlet in south Fujian province, and over the years we build our reputation as we can help to locate the instruments that meet our clients' requirement the best at a very competitive price due to our close and long-term cooperation with the first-class makers across China.

We launched our websites in 2006 so our customers from abroad can make the purchase easily with the secure payment via PAYPAL, but due to the ever-increasing labor cost here in China and appreciation of Chinese Yuan against the US Dollar, the business for shipment abroad was just so hard that we have to discontinue the online shop in 2013.

However, ever since our closing of the website, the requirements from our clients abroad is just there, so we decided to relaunch this site, hope you will enjoy your purchase with us!

Our Advantages

  We know the instruments
There are so many makers across China for the construction of traditional musical instruments, so it is important to figure who are the reliable, and with us, only the high-quality instruments would be shipped.
  Timely shipment
Through our cooperation with such reputable internation express carriers like UPS, DHL, Fedex and TNT, we can secure a fast delivery after your order with us.
  Secure payment
Your payment can be made via the secure payment gateway of PAYPAL with your existing account or credit card, the Paypal accepts the cards by VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX.